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Aroma treatment

This salon is aroma treatment salon for women run by qualified instructor belong to The Society of Japan Aroma coordinator.
We have 40 kinds of essential oils.
We give a treatment with blended essential oils for one’s choice and conditions.
Please spend the best relax moment.

Body aroma treatment

60mins ¥7,200
90mins ¥10,800
100mins ¥12,000
120mins ¥14,400

*Available to add 10mins/1,200 yen
*Need extra 30mins for changing clothes

Facial aroma treatment

60mins ¥7,500

*Treatment for head, neckline, neck and face. Need extra 30-40mins for 10mins face lotion-pack.



to choose essential oils by body conditions
*Please tell the staff for any allergy, illness and injury because of oil choice.

2、Change clothes

please change a paper-shorts.


Changing clothes: please wait at the room bed after changing clothes.

4、Tea service

Account: credit card (VISA, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER CARD) are also available.
We will send card bill by e-mail later.

To person who visit us for the first time.

Leave the south side road (opposite to big road) from Kawautieiwa station, there are LawsonStore100 on west side of road and FamilyMart ahead. Then turn left at the first corner beyond FamilyMart. Go straight and turn right at Nentsuuji. There is an apartment called “leggero eiwa”. Please wait in front of the entrance on time you reserved. We will pick you up.

leggero eiwa

How to make a reservation

・Reserve the date and time by sending e-mail.
Caution: if it’s already booked, we are not be able to live up to your choice.
・Reservation will be made after adjust the date and time. We will announce more details which is the location
of the salon by sending e-mail.

Business hours: Open 10:00am
Close 7:00pm(the final application time)

Desired menu
Desired day

Contents of inquiry

Privacy policy

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

  1. We shall always keep our customers’ private information updated and conduct a measure to avoid illegal access, loss, damage or leakage of private information
  2. We use the individual information that we obtain within the range that is necessary in the work, and shall not use for other purposes except for the case where it is defined by the ordinances.
  3. We shall manage the private information of our customers appropriately and we shall not disclose such private information to any third party, except for the following cases
    • Where the customer’s consent is obtained
    • Where we disclose such information to our business agent so as to operate the service(s) which the customer desires; and
    • Where such disclosure is required by laws or regulations.
  4. We shall take necessary safety countermeasure for protecting our customers’ private information and take necessary security measure
  5. If our customers desire to refer, correct or delete their own private information, we shall respond their request duly after confirming the customer’s identification
  6. We shall comply with the Japanese laws, regulations and bylaws applicable to private information in our possession, and shall revise and/or improve the contents of our Privacy Policy as may be necessary.